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Joanna Scarbrow — Founder of 5J's Travel

Jo joined the family business (Rover Luxury Travel) upon leaving Secondary School in 1986, her involvement included office duties and working in the coach yard lending a hand wherever it was needed.

Jo passed her PCV licence in October 1988, which enabled her to drive a coach within a 30 mile radius within the depot, when she turned 21 the restriction was lifted and she could transport passengers around the UK.

In 1994 Jo passed her Certificate of Professional Competence - International & National transport leading her into a transport manager role within the family business, making her more office based dealing with the day to day running of the business.

During 1998 Jo entered into the CBW Coach Industry Awards and was awarded the title of Coach Manager of the Year throughout the whole of the UK. After winning the award Jo joined the judging panel to determine future award winners and stayed with the panel until the year 2000.

On retirement of Jo's parents in July 2000, Rover ceased trading and she took some time out from the industry.

Jo re-entered into the coach industry in 2013 deciding to start a coach business of her own with one midi coach 5J's Travel was born. The company has steadily grown and has currently expanded to operating 4 coaches of various sizes with a possibility for further expansion. She now recruits full and part time staff whom have helped her to make the business flourish to what it is today.

5J's Travel continues to prosper and grows from year to year, Jo is still very proactive with driving and ensuring her customers are still as important as the first day she started within the industry back in 1986!

Our Staff

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